Friday, July 6, 2007

Source Critique #1

The article “Main Causes of the Great Depression’ by Paul Alexander Gusmorino
was published on May 13th 1996 online on by the author himself. This article is about the some of the causes of the Great Depression. I could not tell if this was a blog or an article because the main page of the website was down.
Some of the main points of this article were the causes of the Great Depression.
He states that the depression was caused by the greatly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the 1920's, and the extensive stock market speculation that took place during the latter part that same decade. It was also caused by the growing gap between the rich and the poor in terms of economy.
When I searched Google for the authors name, I found that he had written a lot of articles about American history. He had also written an article about a possible second Great Depression which’s means he must know enough about the first one to be able to predict another one.
I believe the article is useful for me because my cause/effect essay is about the causes of the Great Depression and this article states most of the causes that I need to be able to write the essay.

Interest Statement for Essay #2

The word that I am going to chose for the Definition Paper you assigned is the word: Dark. I believe that this work has a lot of meanings and a lot of people misuse it sometimes .
A lot of people say that I can be a dark person in terms of personality because I sometimes will tell a morbid joke but I believe I am far from being dark. Dark can also be meant in negative in terms if a person uses it to describe or make fun of their skin color and use these racial slurs too hurt people.
Some resources that I can use are,, and the best resource for a definition essay: a plain old dictionary. I will google the word and see If I can find any other articles on that word.
Some of the benefits I can receive by writing this paper are that I can prove my friends wrong by saying I’m not “dark” whenever they call me dark. I can learn the word origin and see what language it comes from. I can also see if there is any other definitions other than the word meaning “gloomy” or “morbid”
Since we will be writing this essay in class, I can spend the majority of my weekend doing research on the word and make a works cited page ready for when I write the actual paper. I also need to invest time to buy not one, but two blue books for my essay. I also need to invest time on Sunday and Monday to make sure that I go to sleep early so I can be rested to make sure I can write that essay to the best of my ability.

Interst Statment for Essay #1

Interest Statement of Essay #1
They essay that I am going to write is about how children that are raised by parents that are married than children that are raised with divorced parents. My Parents area still together and I am not a trouble causing teenagers and a lot of kids my age in my neighborhood have divorced parents and they get arrested all the time.
Some sources I can use are magazine articles. My mom has a whole stack of “Time” magazines and I might give them a look through. I’ll use google to search for websites that have articles on the topic. Ill will see if I can go to a library to look or articles in books for some information.
The Benefits I may receive my writing this paper is that I can find out the hardships of children that have to spend certain days with on parent and certain days with the other parent. My friends that are in this situation say that they like it because when they see their parents, they get spoiled a lot. Even though it would me nice to have all the materialistic items I desired, I would hate the fact that my parents were not together.
What I need to do to complete this task is to start researching right away because I am a procrastinator. I think I can do all my research in half a day at the library and can spend the next day typing and the day after proofreading.

My Belief in UFOs

Ever wonder if there are other forms of life outside Earth? For most people, a race of unidentified humanoids can be a hard concept to understand. I am not one of these people. I believe that there is life out there in our vast universe. Many try to hide this concept with many unorganized lies and many refuse to believe the thought due to various reasons, but the fact remains that they are out there. I believe that aliens and other forms of life exist out side of Earth.
A question is brought up when people talk about extra terrestrials. How can there be a planet that can support life other than Earth? Well just recently there was a planet discovered in the Gliese Galaxy called Gliese 581 C. In “New planet found: It might hold life” by David Perlman, a science editor for the San Francisco Gate Chronicle, quotes Xavier Delfosse, a member of the Gliese 581 C’s discovery team, as he says
"This planet will most probably be a very important target of future space missions dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life. On the treasure map of the Universe, one would be tempted to mark this planet with an X.” Perlman also writes “The object is the smallest of all the 200 or more so-called "bioplanets" whose discovery around far-off stars in the past dozen years has sparked a burst of excitement worldwide among astronomers and biologists.”
By writing this, Perlman proves that there are other plants like earth that are able to support life.
When the word alien comes to mind, people that live in the United States automatically think of one word. Roswell. The story of Roswell has been altered, trashed, and hidden but the fact remains: There were aliens at Roswell. As the story goes, on the evening of July 2 1947, unidentified flying objects were spotted flying above Roswell, New Mexico. Later the next day, two unidentified wreckages were discovered. Richard Dean quotes Major Jesse Marcel, a staff intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office at the Army Air Forces base at Roswell Field, in an article “Roswell - The Facts, Truths and Eyewitness Accounts” as Marcel describes the first wreckage that was discovered:
There was all kinds of stuff - small beams about three eights or a half inch square with some sort of hieroglyphics on them that nobody could decipher. These looked something like balsa wood, and were of about the same weight, except that they were of about the same weight, except that they were not wood at all. They were very hard, although flexible, and would not burn. There was a great deal of unusual parchment-like substance which was brown in color and extremely strong, and a great number of small pieces of a metal like tinfoil, except that it wasn't tinfoil. This foil could not be dented with a sledgehammer"
Soon after this wreckage was discovered, a second wreckage was found. This wreckage was similar but this one had something the other did not have, Dead Bodies. Dean quotes Grady L Barnett, a civil engineer with the US Soil Conservation Service who was on a military assignment at the time and also the first witness of the second wreckage, as he descries the wreckage:
“I tried to get close to see what the bodies were like. They were all dead as far as I could see and there were bodies inside and outside the vehicle. The ones outside had been tossed out by the impact. They were like humans but they were not humans. The heads were round, the eyes were small, and they had no hair. The eyes were oddly spaced. They were quite small by our standards and their heads were larger in proportion to their bodies than ours. Their clothing seemed to be one-piece and grey in color. You couldn't see any zippers, belts or buttons. They seemed to be all males and there were a number of them. I as close enough to touch them but I didn't - I was escorted away before I could [do so].”
This proves that humanoids from other planets do exist. This was one of the biggest alien and unidentified flying object sighting in the United States ever. If you can’t trust what members of the military saw, then I don’t know who to trust.
A lot of people follow a religion that is affiliated with the Bible. The majority of these people also believe that there is no such thing as aliens. Their beliefs are contradicting themselves because in the Bible, it implies that there are extra-terrestrials even though it implies they are here for different reasons. Isaiah 13 states:
“4 The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people; a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together: the LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle. 5 They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, [even] the LORD, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land”
This implies that there might be extra-terrestrials and they might work for God. Another reason for alien existence from the bible states that aliens might work for Satan. Gary Goodwood quotes Thessalonians 2:9-11:
"Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”
Goodwood writes concerning this section “I believe that Satan will counterfeit the return of Christ by staging a mass landing of UFOs.” So in fact the Bible does prove that there are aliens in our universe and religions that are affiliated with the Bible should acknowledge their existence.
A lot of people think I am a freak or a nerd because I believe in Aliens. I tell them I have proof to back my beliefs and I am not weird for believing in the truth. I believe that aliens are out there and they pass by Earth once in a while just for a look or want to explore our lands by taking their family on a stroll. Whatever the reason, aliens have been on Earth and will again. I just hope I can manage to see one before I die.

The Causes of the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a time in U.S. History of economic downturn due to the fact that stock market had crashed. This lead to everyone was being bitter due to the fact that no one had money and everyone was struggling to obtain some. But this lead to a huge problem. Nobody knew why the stock market crashed. Now that it has been more than 80 years we know what causes made the stock market crash. The Great Depression was caused by many more reasons then the stock market crashing.
Macroeconomists, including the current chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank System Ben Bernanke, have revived the debt-deflation view of the Great Depression originated by Arthur Cecil Pigou and Irving Fisher(Wiki). These people believe that debt is one of the main factors of the Great Depression. The United Sates spent a lot of money on buying businesses and factories and they where using money that they did not have. They used these factories to produce stuff at an enormous rate and the demand was lowering but the supply was growing. This lead to inflation, causing these businesses to get less money which lead to massive lay offs of employees resulting in a 25% unemployment rate(Wiki). Banks that financed a lot of this debt failed due to massive withdrawal of money of debtors worried about their money. With banks failing no one could get money out of the bank, thus contributing to the depression.

During the Great Depression, America had a 100% gold standard which meant that all American currency was backed by a certain amount of gold. This was not good when people began to hoard all the money meaning that people began to withdraw all their money so they can have their money in convertible form. With everyone withdrawing everything they have, banks were running out of convertible money and began producing money that they did not have the gold to back up. This meant that people started using money that had no value. This it self contributed in no one having money to spend which helped contributed to the depression.

At a crucial time in its history, the U.S. made it harder for countries to trade with them. Martin Kelly, a American History expert, writes in his article “ Top Five Causes of the Great Depression“:
As businesses began failing, the government created the Hawley-Smoot Tariff in 1930 to help protect American companies. This charged a high tax for imports thereby leading to less trade between America and foreign countries along with some economic retaliation.
Americans need this trade with other countries so they could be able to live easily. Without these necessities, Americans found it hard to live.
The Great Depression had many factors that lead up to its beginning. The stock market crash was not the only reason that caused the depression, it also had a lot to do with the government trying to be greedy along the people withdrawing all their money from the bank so they could have proof that they actually had some. It was also the bank’s fault for giving away money that had no gold to back it up. The Great Depression is a misunderstood time period of history and people should do research before assuming that the crash was the only cause.

Summary and Response to “National Prejudices”

The article “National Prejudices” by Oliver Goldsmith is about his encounter with some elderly people and a conversation about Nationalism. He starts off by stating that he is drinking at a bar and draws himself onto a conversation held by a group of elderly men about political affairs when one of the men states that the English are better than the Dutch, Germans, French, and Spaniards. When the elderly man asks Goldsmith his opinion on the statement he replies that he wouldn’t know if English was the best because he has not gone to visit these countries to compare them. He quotes a philosopher that we should not “countrymen” but we should be “citizens of the world” meaning we should view ourselves as inhabitants of the world and not of a certain part of it. Goldsmith states that it is ok to love one’s own country but its not okay for one’s love to continue to grow.
He concludes the article by stating that its okay for one to love ones’ country without hating another and he rather be a “citizen of the world” rather than an appellation of some sort.
I found this essay really boring and did not like the point. I think that it is better to label myself an American then label everyone as the same when it comes to nationality. I believe that some countries are better than others, American being one of the best, should not be dragged down by citizens of the world.. I believe that it is fine for a person’s love for one’s country can continue to grow instead of being muffled. I also fond the middle of the article most confusing and hard to comprehend due to his sophisticated language use. I did not know where the sentences started or ended. I did not like this essay at all.

Summary and Response to “Why the rich are getting richer, and the poor, poorer”

The article “Why the rich are getting richer, and the poor, poorer” by Robert Reich is about the Why the economic gap between the rich and poor is growing larger. He states that all Americans are in different boats, one sinking rapidly, one sinking more slowly and the third rising steadily. Reich states that the boat that is sinking rapidly contains all the routine producers. He claims that routine producers are losing their jobs due to American outsourcing jobs to 3rd world countries. People in these countries would gladly get paid a fraction of what Americans get paid, which saves businesses a lot of money. Then he states various examples of outsourcing such as AT&T looking to employ people in Singapore to assemble phones rather than hiring people in Shreveport, Louisiana. Reich continues by stating that the second boat that was sinking slowly held in person servers such as cashiers, banks tellers and car washers. He states that these jobs are slowly being replaced by robots and other automated machines. Reich writes that the third boat contains the symbolic analysts. These people are America’s smart people such as scientists, artists, politicians and other people of this sort. Reich also states that the gap is growing due to better world communication. In the 1990’s, the American corporations started to fall which lead to the producers and servers to become less paid and the “White Collar” workers to get higher paid. He concludes the article by stating that the corporations failing and good world communication was the beginning of outsourcing
This article had its pros and cons. I liked the fact that he explained why the gap between the rich and the poor is growing very well. I didn’t like the fact that this article was really long due to the fact that Reich kept giving unnecessary examples. I did not like the ending because it was really hard to follow. I did like the fact that it explained outsourcing. I myself had an experience with outsourcing. My wireless internet was down and I had to fix the router, so I called the router company and it seemed that the companies calls were outsourced to India because every time I called I would get a person with an Indian accent. I had an neutral feeling about this article.